What does Innovation Management really mean? For us, Innovation Management is about the commercial exploitation of ideas and insights. It is so much more than just being creative and new product development. The most effective organisations create an innovation culture as the central part of Innovation Management. We believe that an innovation culture is made up of 6 distinct elements – what we call the 6 Ps of Integrated Innovation. Any Innovation Strategy should take these elements into account. Innovation Leaders are experts in the area of Innovation Management and have plenty of examples to show how and an Innovation Culture can be both created and destroyed!

Our Integrated Innovation Framework is a proven approach to managing ideas from concept to completion, from idea to implementation, through a combination of best practice tools and techniques in innovation management, training and consulting combined with our AI-enabled InnovX™ suite of applications. The importance of innovation management cannot be understated in a business world where everyone is constantly looking for the ‘next big thing’ and where technology can change a marketplace overnight – providing both opportunities and threats to your business.

Innovation Leaders are an international professional services company focused upon providing complete solutions to clients in the area of idea, insight and innovation management. With Innovation Leaders you will find practical examples and results rather than just theory. We have years of experience of working with all types of innovation management, in many cultures and countries in many sectors and businesses. Contact us to discuss how we can help you investigate your best approach to managing innovation effectively.

Background: The HR TECH Partnership was set up in London in 2016 to invest in People Tech startups. People TECH Fund I closed with two ┬áinvestments. Mission: People TECH Fund II targets investments into growth stage tech companies that have a viable product or service specifically improving workplace/employee productivity and human capital performance. Data and … Continue reading “Putting my money where my mouth is!”
Posted 31/05/18 by Simon Derry