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About Innovation Leaders

We are part of Project Leaders International (PLI) Ltd. We are a consulting, training, coaching and software company focused upon Innovation and its management. Our focus is on innovation. This was a result of working on improvement activities with clients, coaching entrepreneurs and developing software for successful companies worldwide.

In the last decade customers have asked us to help them with their research projects and incubator activities. We have found out how the most successful companies worldwide manage innovation and what their secrets of success are. We combined this experience with our research at Henley Business School and developed the latest in Innovation Management techniques.

Innovation Leaders developed the Integrated Innovation Framework concept – known as the 6Ps of Innovation. Pearson FT, our publishers, asked us write the book Fast Track to Success – Innovation. Since 2008 we have created such services as an Innovation Maturity Audit , a comprehensive training programme, personal and team coaching activities and a ground breaking web based Innovation Management application – InnovX based on the SofTools platform.

We provide training programmes for managers to make their business more innovative. We design and implement Innovation and R&D processes from idea generation through to efficient project implementation and run facilitated creativity sessions to generate more ideas for your pipeline. The software applications enable companies to share ideas, scores, successes and failures between people in real time!Our approach works for large multi-nationals, SMEs, Start-ups and entrepreneurs alike. The Integrated Innovation process has been used by over 200 SMEs and Start-Ups in the Thames Valley region alone. Our consultants have over 25 years experience of working in all sectors and markets, worldwide.

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For further information about Innovation Leaders, our approach, our training or for a demonstration of our latest innovation management applications with our software partner – SofTools Ltd. Contact us now.

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