The most innovative companies plan to innovate! Innovation Leaders help companies put Innovation into Corporate Strategy as well as operational planning at every level within a business. We reduce the chances of new strategic ideas and innovations being a distraction and focus on them being a source of competitive advantage. Having a link between Innovation and the business strategy is a starting point for an integrated approach to managing innovation.

Using standard business models and processes we challenge your strategy and seek to explore how your innovation processes reflect the plans of the business. We use best practice innovation tools to explore areas of uncertainty and where potential risks lie in terms of your research, development, and innovation activities. Planning provides a context or focus for innovation activities, enabling ideas to be generated that address critical business issues. 

Our Innovation Maturity Audit starts with Planning and Leadership. Often companies and Senior Management Teams (SMT) talk up the importance of innovation to the business yet when we ask for examples of how innovation is demonstrated as being a strategic priority there is often a lack of clarity and detail. 

Where is Innovation Planning taking you?

Innovation PlanningThe single most visible example of innovation as being strategically important is the appointment of an Innovation Executive in charge of all planning activities and the cascade of KPIs relating to innovation throughout the business. Without these it is doubtful that the organisation understands the extent and direction of innovation activities.  

Innovation activities go beyond new product development (NPD), and embraces new markets, process re-engineering, supply chain re-design and business transformation. With all these activities it is clear that some degree of planning needs to take place.