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The Innovation Audit

innovation auditThe Innovation Audit – The Innovation Maturity Audit enables organisations to assess their ‘innovation maturity’ and therefore the gap between where they currently are and where they need to be, in terms of innovation management. This question and evidence based audit results in a detailed 360º picture of the business in terms of its ability to be innovative and creative.

A formal presentation of results combined with a recommended plan of action gives senior management teams a clear picture of next steps. In order to improve performance you first need to understand what your starting point is, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how each will promote or inhibit what you can achieve.

There are two distinct levels of awareness that your Innovation Maturity Audit seeks to highlight. The first is to understand what the most successful innovative teams or business ‘look’ like. By that we mean how they behave, how they act and what is the underlying culture. How close are you to emulating them?The second is to understand what it takes to lead such a team – do you personally have the necessary attributes for success?

Having identified where the gaps are in your business or team capabilities, you need to understand if you are the right person to be leading the team as an innovation champion. If dynamic leadership is missing then no matter how structured and organised your Innovation Process is you will find progress hard. Leadership becomes a barrier to progress.

Contact us to discuss how the innovation maturity audit could be carried out as the starting point to a new innovation culture within your organisation. It’s painless, we promise!

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