To be able to manage your innovation process the modern business requires a web based platform which maps their process and supports managers in making decisions and tracking progress. The InnovX™ (Innovation Accelerator) platform from Softools Ltd, our technology partner, is a fully customisable, web-based solution that supports the effective management of your innovation process – from Ideas to Implementation.

The InnovX™ platform enables all organisations to use world class innovation management tools and techniques to help deliver two core dimensions of sustainable performance improvement: Increased visibility and control of your innovation process and Consistent application of best practice techniques

The InnovX™ platform provides:

  • An Ideas and Insight capture tool to instantly capture great ideas
  • An Ideas Pipeline tracker to help you see your current and future innovation pathway
  • A ‘My Space’ module to group all your ideas and innovations together
  • Best practice templates reflecting the latest in innovation management thinking
  • An ‘On-Line Coach’ – more than just a help function but a full support tool
  • Return on Investment (RoI) calculator to ensure your ideas are profitable
  • Dynamic report creator to produce instant updates on progress, tailored to your needs
  • Real-time status reports and performance dashboards
  • Digital Dashboard Graphical Interface – a graphical representation of your innovation process and the ideas flowing through it
  • Expert Forums – the ability to create internal discussion groups to share best practice and the ability to link to external innovation sites on the web