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Sanichem Resources

Mohammed Naim Abdul Halim is the Business Development Manager for Sanichem Resources Sdn Bhd located at Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia www.sanichem.my

Established in 2007, SaniChem stands as Malaysia’s premier medical device laboratory, renowned for its exceptional expertise in medical device testing, consultation, and training services. In April 2024 Naim attended the Innovation Driven Transformation Programme as part of the Government of Malaysia’s Innovation BioEconomy Accelerator. Innovation Leaders, under the Project Leaders International (PLI) brand ran the programme for 25 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The company has an ambitious programme of expansion and was able to structure and plan its direction and strategy as a result of attending the course. Naim said:

“I learnt so much things about business governance during the training session as well as shared business experience. I was so intrigued (by the programme) and found it useful in order to help the company’s direction and decision making process”

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