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As an Operations Lead, my mission is to boost the production of Black Soldier Fly-based product derivatives while keeping our solutions in sync with the company’s goals. Coming from a Biotechnology background, I often found myself missing the broader business acumen needed to drive success. The recent training bridged this gap, highlighting the critical interplay between internal processes and overall business management—both of which are indispensable. 

Simon and Andy’s insights were a revelation, showing how our management practices can spell the difference between success and failure. In our dynamic start-up environment, where ideas and changes fly fast, grasping key concepts like market and product risk identification (Product Market matrix), SWOT analysis, and project planning with Project Passport is essential. This knowledge helps us steer clear of the pitfalls that trip up many start-ups. 

The Softools platform has been transformative, elevating our management team’s awareness and enriching our discussions. The ability to tap into Andy and Simon’s expertise has been priceless, helping us navigate challenges and keep progressing without hitting roadblocks

Thank you, Simon and Andy, for the eye-opening training and ongoing support. Your guidance has been a cornerstone of our continuous improvement and business growth.” 

Niroshiny Ramachandran 
Operations Lead 
BioLoop Sdn Bhp  




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