The Fishermen’s Mission

Since January 2019 I have been working with The Fishermen’s Mission charity. Not everyone has probably heard of this maritime charity but the issues that it faces are a microcosm of the challenges facing all charities and third sector organisations and the fishing sector as a whole in the UK and British Isles.

Having helped with running a review of the structure of the Mission I was also involved in a review of the organisation’s strategy. It opened my eyes as to the complexities and challenges facing the fishing industry today in the UK and the effects that changes are having on the workforce (i.e. fishermen), coastal communities, international labour standards and the environmental challenge we all face.

In addition, anyone running an organisation, be it private, public or third sector(charity) will be faced by some of the following issues; the effect of digital social media on traditional operating methods, Brexit and leaving the EU and the possible effects on your core business, environmental challenges and how to manage them and your reputation and recruiting and retaining the best staff.

I sincerely recommend that anyone interested in any of the above areas of management have a look at what this worthwhile charity is doing and get in touch with them at

I have never worked with such a committed and motivated bunch of people from the Executives at Head Office to the port staff at some pretty remote coastal communities. From fundraisers to port officers and volunteers it is refreshing to know in these challenging times that there are still good, fun people about, doing great works. Long may the Fishermen’s Mission continue to provide a fabulous service to fishermen and the coastal communities – long neglected in the UK.