Strategic Planning and Innovation

Strategy Planning


Strategic Planning and Innovation

Our Strategic Planning Sessions are geared to senior management teams and focus upon getting the right direction for your R&D efforts. Each session consists of integrating Innovation into your current strategy or renewing your strategic approach with an eye on innovation and R&D. Part training, part facilitation, these sessions are the basis for long term success.

Using standard “MBA” strategy tools combined with Innovation Planning techniques we seek to help you understand how innovation fits within your business. Is innovation core to success or is it just an ‘add on’ to keep people happy? Our initial research of companies in the Thames Valley identified that the vast majority saw innovation as being central to the success of their business but on deeper investigation most had no idea how to incorporate innovation into their business strategy?

‘Innovation’ has become the hot topic for UK businesses in recent years. As global competition eats into markets and margins it is imperative that companies seek to compete on the basis of innovation and creativity and not on things that can easily be duplicated – such as price and margin. Compete on price and it is a race in only one direction – DOWN!

How can ‘UK PLC’ compete is a world where Far Eastern nations pay their staff less than 10% of what we pay people here? How can we leverage our world class education system and a society that values and inspires difference, change and new ideas. We must Innovate. Innovation is everyone’s responsibility – from new starters to old hands, from Reception to R&D. If you are truly to be a centre of innovation and creativity then Strategic Planning needs to recognise that your source of competitive advantage lies with engaging your people to think  about doing things differently.

How confident are you now that Innovation is truly reflected in your Strategic Planning and Corporate Strategy?