People and Innovation

You can’t create an Innovation Strategy without bringing people with you! We at Innovation Leaders believe that everyone has something to contribute to being more innovative and in creating an Innovation Culture. Through a combination of specialist HR Consulting and management coaching services linked to web based diagnostic tools and action based workshops Innovation Leaders can help embed innovation and creativity into your business.

An effective innovation framework needs the commitment of key stakeholders – people. Senior managers need to be open to new ideas, as innovation only thrives in a supportive culture. There needs to be a champion who drives every idea through to completion, an executive sponsor who allocates the necessary budget and resources and a motivated team to implement an idea.

At all levels of an organisation people are effectively the eyes and ears of the business, constantly scanning for market trends, competitor activities, customer requirements and internal insights. It is often said that ‘people are our most important asset’. If that is truly the case then organisations need to invest in them by giving them training and an infrastructure that supports them.

Innovation needs champions, people who will drive change, overcome setbacks, convince skeptics and to do new things. From a Chief Innovation Officer to a Team Innovation Coach – people are central to innovation success!

People courses include:

business innovation framework
  • Innovation Accelerator Programme – understand how the whole Integrated Innovation Process works and how it can be integrated into your business
  • Creativity workshops – to get the creative juices flowing!
  • Innovation & Strategy courses – for those who want to really understand what innovation is!
  • Project Management course – learn how to manage innovation projects to implementation
  • Risk Management programmes – understand how to balance risk and reward

All courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs – just contact us to discuss your requirements.