The innovation team assessment


innovation team assessmentThe Innovation Team Assessment – Focusing on teams, this best practice approach helps managers identify gaps in your team capabilities. The audit is focused upon skills, capabilities, performance and motivation. It realises that people are your most valuable asset and enables managers and training teams to understand what is required to get the best from your employees in terms of innovation and creativity.

Using standard models such as Belbin’s ‘team typing’ plus our years of experience of what does and doesn’t work in the innovation environment we help you assess the 10 areas of where a team can influence the innovation and creativity in your organisation:

  • Leadership of the Team
  • Strategic Focus
  • Internal Sources of Ideas
  • External Challenge
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Projects and Implementation
  • Support Systems
  • Innovation Champions
  • Creative Culture
  • Performance Management

If people are your most important asset, then maybe we should start with them! Assessing whether a team is working effectively together is a good starting point and part of the overall Innovation Maturity Audit. The benefits don’t just effect innovation but all the other areas your teams get involved in.