Innovation Strategy Sessions

Innovation Strategy SessionsInnovation Strategy Sessions are part training, part discussion, part facilitation and part consulting. We at Innovation Leaders believe that until senior management fully understand what innovation is, then no business can fully integrate innovation into its business strategy. Business Planning, the first ‘P’ of our integrated innovation framework requires management to set out and explain where innovation, as a concept and operation, actually fits within the business and their vision for the future.

Is innovation really central and core to the business or is it something that management sees as simply a good idea ‘at the moment’? Is your business seeking to be on the cutting edge and leading your market through innovation, or to be a follower and develop the markets once they have been opened by others? Both are valid strategies but unless you have planned them out the risk is that you think your strategy is taking you in one direction but the reality takes your operations in another!!

Our research has shown that most companies refer to ‘Innovation’ in their annual reports and some state that it is central to the success of their business, yet it is clear that many senior management teams don’t actually know what innovation is, how to manage it and how to embed it in the business strategy. With our facilitated Innovation Strategy Sessions we seek to help managers understand what innovation is and, combining this with your expertise, create a truly innovative business strategy driving your business forward in the 21st century.

Innovation Strategy Sessions are workshops whereby senior management teams understand, through expert facilitation and the use of standard strategy models, where innovation truly fits in your business. Usually no more than a day or two in length they add real value in a short time. Contact us now for more information.