Business Development

Business Development

The most successful companies innovate as a whole. This is true Business Development -through innovation. Innovation is not the sole preserve of the R&D or marketing departments. It is everyone’s responsibility.

Innovation Leaders’ Train the Trainer programme and Entrepreneur’s Business Accelerator course both take a longer view of turning your business into one based on innovation success. Courses take in-depth and holistic view of your people and your business strategy and see where innovation fits and does not fit!

This is where the 6Ps of Integrated Innovation come in to play. Our approach starts with Planning – also known as strategy, then through Process, People and Pipeline and Platform and Performance. Every element aims to align the business with your corporate business innovation objectives.

The Sales Process

Even the Sales Function has a role to play in Corporate Innovation – not just Business Development. Our Sales training partner company – Sales Tec has experience of business development strategy plans and where the Sales and Account Management function can add to the sum of innovation in your business.

Has anyone thought about how even the mundane process of invoicing can be innovated to help the business achieve its stated goals? Has anyone even asked the Accounts Team how they can engage with the Sales Function to help improve Business Development? Improved communication between teams is the starting point to an innovative approach to Business Development.

Our approach combines training programmes, with coaching and consulting services to ensure that your business sales pipeline and sales funnel are aligned with your innovation objectives. In Business Innovation all activities in Business Development should be aligned with your core innovation strategy or plans. These should include:

  • Pipeline Management
  • CRM systems and approach
  • Sales funnels
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing Framework or Plans

To make your Business truly innovative contact us to see what we can do for the whole company.