Blogging Innovation

Creating Killer Blogs

Are we really making the most of our time blogging? Having spent a couple of days with some really innovative SMEs at the Berkshire Business Accelerator last week at Henley Business School it was really enlightening to talk to a professional copywriter.

Emily Hill, CEO and Founder of talks about getting back to blogging basics. For those of us who have fallen into blogging as part of a ‘need’ to make the most of their investment in web sites and social media having some guidelines and rules from a non-techie is a great help. She says that it takes ‘time, expertise and flair’ – but for her and her team they have to create killer blogs on an almost daily basis!

Have a look at the below article and see what you can take from it. I feel better about blogging now, but i’m not sure I used all the rules in writing this blog post though?

50 ways to write and promote a killer blog article