We at Innovation Leaders have years of experience of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world. We have absorbed some of the best tools and techniques used throughout the world and combined with our own Integrated Innovation Framework can help you establish an innovation culture and manage innovation performance within your business.

  • Management Reviews – These sessions are geared to finding out your strengths or weaknesses and what to put right. An innovative culture is based upon understanding what you’re good at and what you need to improve
  • The Innovation Maturity Audit – The Innovation Maturity Audit enables organisations to assess their ‘innovation maturity’ and therefore the gap between where they currently are and where they need to be, in terms of innovation management. This question and evidence based audit results in a detailed 360º picture of the business in terms of its ability to be innovative and creative. A formal presentation of results combined with a recommended plan of action gives senior management teams a clear picture of next steps
  • The Innovation Team Assessment – Focusing on teams, this best practice approach helps managers identify the gaps in your team capabilities. The audit is focused upon skills and capabilities, performance and motivation. It realises that people are your most valuable asset and enables managers and training teams to understand what is required to get the best from your employees in terms of innovation and creativity
  • The Innovation Leadership Self Assessment – Some personality traits lend themselves better to creative thinking and risk taking than others. Often strong leadership is essential to enable open communication and get employee buy-in. This 360º Leadership Assessment presents a checklist of the factors that make a successful leader in innovation. These reflect the knowledge, competencies, attitudes and behaviours required to get to the top
  • Strengthscope psychometric assessment tool – Innovation Leaders are accredited in the Strengthscope assessment tool which provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s strengths at work. The Strengthscope approach comprises around 160 rating scale items that results in a comprehensive account a respondent’s strengths at work, along with ideas as to how to put these strengths to best use at work. The feedback report forms a basis for a strengths-based coaching feedback sessions
  • Coaching – Professionally certified coaches from Henley Business School, we can help provide professional coaching services to individuals to help them achieve their goals at work and play!