Innovation Leaders are part of Project Leaders International (PLI) Ltd. We are a consulting, training, coaching and software company focused upon Innovation and its management. Our focus on innovation, as a discipline, was a result of working on process improvement activities with major clients, coaching entrepreneurs and research as part of MBA and DBA studies.

We were constantly being asked to help optimise research projects and improve focus within clients – mainly from a cost reduction perspective but our studies and work with entrepreneurs highlighted the increased potential for clients when innovation activities are aligned effectively with other parts of the business.

We put our heads together and came up with the Integrated Innovation Framework concept. Pearson FT, our publishers, then asked us write, as part of the Fast Track to Success series of books, a title on Innovation. Since 2008 we have created such services as an Innovation Maturity Audit , a comprehensive training programme, personal and team coaching activities and a ground breaking web based Innovation Management platform – InnovX.

We can design and implement your whole innovation or R&D process from idea generation through to efficient project implementation or provide facilitated creativity sessions to generate more ideas for your pipeline. Our approach works for large multi-nationals, SMEs, Start-ups and entrepreneurs alike.

For further information about Innovation Leaders, our approach or for a demonstration of our latest innovation management applications contact us now.